How to rig the Tournament Bait Kikker

The worm hook is one of the most popular ways to rig the Tournament Baits Kikker. The effectiveness of the “hidden” hook point is outstanding to fish in the weeds. You can fish the rigged Tournament Baits Kikker over any kind of structure, through weeds and grass. You can fish it as slowly or as quickly as you want and at any depth. Here's how to rig the Tournament Baits Kikker.

The Tournament Baits Worm Hook comes with a screw who you can twist into the Kikkers head. After you attach the screw into the head you can attach the hook to the screw.


Ones the Tournament Baits Worm Hooks is attached to the head, you turn the Kikker belly up to attach the hook into the Kikkers body.


Push the hook toward the body, twist it around, so that the point of the hook will be facing the Kikkers head.

Once the hook point is hidden beneath the surface, the rig is called weed less. Although the point of the hook is hidden in the Kikker, it is still easy to set the hook when the fish grab the lure.


Fishing so called weed less, is manly fishing in the surface. In open and deeper water you can also use jig heads.


Using the BFT FlexXHead jig heads, they also have a screw winding. Twist the winding in the Kikkers head the same way you this the winding of the worm hook winding.


Ones the BFT FlexXHead jig head, is attach to the Kikker you can put your stringers with treble hooks at any place you want to the Kikkers body.

Evert Oostdam