Strike Pro Ghost Buster

Strike Pro Ghost Buster (EG223) 14 cm, 73 gram, VMC hooks

The Ghost Buster is related to the Buster Jerk family. This lure is designed to fish in deeper water. Where you fish the Buster Jerk in the surface as a jerk bait, you fish the Ghost Buster in the deeper water layers. Some times the pike won’t come up to the surface to get the lure, here is where the Ghost Buster come in! The Ghost Buster will go to the pike! You fish the Ghost Buster as a pull bait. You can easy give the Ghost Buster the same action as you are jerk a jerk bait, only a little slower! When the pike is not really active and in deeper water… The Strike Pro Ghost Buster is your lure! 

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